Adler Planetarium Sky Pavilion

New life for a national landmark

What we did

The Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum was built in 1930 and has been an iconic part of the Chicago lakefront since. In order for the institution to grow and expand exhibit space, supprt space, and event spaces, a bold new plan was required.

We kicked off the Stellar Evolution campaign to build the Adler Sky Pavilion ushered in a new life for the planetarium. Astronauts, astronomers, astrophysycists, and all those who look upwards to worlds beyond were a part of this incredible initiative. In all, $50 million was successfully raised.

The campaign was a success and when the construction had completed, Chicago had gained one of its most beautiful structures. It is highly sought after as a wedding and special event venue, as well as a place for future astronomers and astronauts to learn.


Capital Campaign, Fundraising


Adler Planetarium