The nonprofit sector is a vibrant force in American life

…not only a powerful lever of social, cultural, and environmental change, but also a steady source of economic growth. Whether funding higher education, fighting climate change, or helping the disadvantaged build new lives, nonprofits have an obligation to seek new and more effective approaches to fulfilling their missions. The more forward-looking and impactful these organizations become, the better their chances of addressing our most pressing issues… and the richer we all are for it.

Yet today’s dynamically interconnected social and business ecosystem presents nonprofits with unprecedented challenges and opportunities. An “Open System” approach is no longer optional – it’s a strategic imperative. A traditionally overweighted focus on program building and cost containment has rapidly given way to the realization that capacity is king. This brave new world demands unprecedented flexibility, resource sensitivity, and innovation from its nonprofits.

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The GPG Approach

The Grant Park Group discourages the slavish adoption of yesterday’s best practices and cookie cutter approaches advocated by many established consultancies. We don’t believe in leaving a set of pithy recommendations and invoice at the front doorstep. Our success is predicated on identifying, optimizing, and leveraging the untapped resources so common to nonprofits, yet so uniquely defined within each organization. Together, we are rewriting the rules of development and energizing philanthropy. was created for the express purpose of meeting and transcending these demands. We work closely and fluidly with each client to:

  1. Assess both short- and long-term needs.
  2. Develop a nuanced understanding of these needs in the context of organizational goals, constraints and market opportunities.
  3. Unlock the client’s full potential with innovative, practical and – most importantly – sustainable solutions.

Meet the Team

Kim T. Clement Grant Park Group headshot

Kim T. Clement
Capital campaigns Fund development

Josh Culley-Foster Grant Park Group headshot

Josh Culley-Foster
Strategic Communications & Community building

John M. Hostler

John Hostler
Development support services & prospect management

Justin Kulovsek Grant Park Group headhsot

Justin Kulovsek
Digital media strategy change management

Bill McGuire Grant Park Group headshot

Bill McGuire
Major Gifts & Prospect Research


The Grant Park Group delivers solutions crafted by bright, creative executives – both strategists and practitioners – steeped in decades of real world experience. Our expertise spans the following areas:

When you build for the future, you must first rally your troops…all of them. Capable leadership, an inspiring vision, a powerful message, all coming together to motivate your team to realize your common goal. The Grant Park Group has expertise in crafting campaigns that deliver. Our approach builds on tried and true methods of development; integrating new data analytics, communication strategies and outreach tactics in order make your campaign a success. We refuse to let you be boring.

Development Services play a central and rapidly evolving role in the success of nonprofit organizations. Experts in areas ranging from gift administration to prospect management to social media now serve as key players in the race for service- and information-driven competitive advantage. As donor and constituent expectations continue their rapid ascent, competencies in knowledge management, stewardship, and rapid service adjustment have merged with those of the largely transactional development services units of just a decade ago. The Grant Park Group streamlines and aligns development services functions with this new paradigm, helping departments complete their transformation from support units to strategic partners.

The Grant Park Group has the expertise to help your nonprofit organization build relationships with foundations and the for-profit sector. We also help corporations and foundations find the perfect causes to benefit from their support. We’re like the “Millionaire Matchmakers” of philanthropy!

Improperly managed, resource constraints present the single most potent threat to sound strategic planning and operational effectiveness for nonprofits. The Grant Park Group leverages a broad base of industry knowledge to help organizations allocate investments in staffing, infrastructure, systems, information resources, and development-related projects and programs. Recommendations are impact-driven to maximize long-term ROI, and scaled for adjustment as the organization grows and evolves.

Without an engaged audience, even the best messages will never create results for your organization. They’re out there, but are they impassioned? Have they been moved by your message? Did they even receive your message? The Grant Park Group’s experts can audit your current messaging program and assist you in developing a campaign that gets your audience talking about you and brings them closer to your organization.

As nonprofits and their development units grow in size and complexity, leaders can lose sight of critical detail. High-visibility priorities receive proactive attention, while other business needs are reactively addressed (or, worse, ignored) with increasing frequency. An intelligently designed diagnostic program helps these leaders take a step back and hit the “reset button.” The operation is reviewed holistically, collaboratively, and objectively, with a twin focus on identifying costly deficiencies and adopting truly innovative solutions.

Is your brand elevating your message? Does your social media presence produce a tangible return on your investment of time and effort? Does your marketing align itself with your mission? We provide organizations with clear and concise strategies that present your organization appropriately to your audiences. Our methods for new media campaigns integrate the tried-and-true with the cutting edge.


Consultants for the GPG have taken on huge challenges for major nonprofit, higher ed, and for-profit clients. Collectively, they’ve raised over a billion dollars through their initiatives and have built over a dozen buildings. GPG’s specialists have launched major marketing and media campaigns, generating millions of impressions by developing innovative strategies that produce results.

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